Common-sense Policies for Pennsylvania Families

Defending Personal Freedoms

Politicians should stay out of our personal lives. Anna will defend the right of Pennsylvanians to make their own family planning decisions without government interference. She will stand up to those in Harrisburg who want to make radical changes to our abortion laws, and politicians who now want new restrictions on birth control and even fertility treatments for couples trying to have a baby.”

Building a Strong Economy

Anna supports investing in infrastructure to improve our quality of life and make Pennsylvania a great place to do business. By modernizing roads, bridges and rail across Pennsylvania, we can attract cutting-edge businesses that create good-paying jobs for families to achieve a secure place in the middle class.

Quality Public Education

Having been on the School Board in the Bethlehem Area School District, Anna Thomas knows how decisions in Harrisburg impact Lehigh Valley schools. She’ll ensure we get our fair share of state funding. A highly-skilled workforce is essential for a strong economy, so she’ll expand vocational training and keep tuition affordable at our public universities and community colleges.

Stronger Financial Management

Anna will fight wasteful government spending. Senior citizens and middle class families carry too much of the tax burden in Pennsylvania. Wealthy individuals and highly profitable corporations should pay their fair share. Anna wants to close the loopholes that have been put in the tax code by politicians doing favors for their industry friends. She’ll take on powerful special interests that get special treatment, and vote to ban lobbyists from giving gifts to state legislators.

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